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Session and Learning Resource Packs

These contain useful Word and Powerpoint and PDF Documents such as:

 Initial thoughts on learning | Resource Booklets | Reflective Diary | Feedback | Assessment for Learning

Session 1 session2 Action For Learning

Useful Web Links

Below a list of Technology Tools for Literacy which may be of interest to LSP schools.

  • :a facility to generate word clouds from text you provide

  • :on line graphical dictionary and thesaurus
  • here you can find printable theme units,word puzzles, writing forms,book report forms, maths,ideas and lesson plans.
  • : a tool to capture and display the vocabulary structure of texts. Teachers may use it for lesson preparation, previewing texts, group activities, literacy support and assessment.
  • helps to create comic stories,picture albums, how to and more.
  • a graphic blog enables you to mix web, images, text, music and video.
  • This is a visual thinking and cloud computing tool. It can be used to brainstrom ideas, organise information,solve problems, plan projects, write, study and communicate more effectively.
  • a blog created by five friends who teach and research in the areas of literacy.

Assessment for Learning

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